Let the Games Begin!

September 7th-21st, 2017

Senior Games History
Area 10 Endwright Center Senior Games have been held since 1985. The Senior Games of Indiana were created and instituted in order to provide an opportunity for seniors, age 55 plus to keep mentally and physically fit. The games were a combined effort of Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Indiana, the Indiana Association of Area Agencies, the Indiana Commission for Senior Games, and many other groups, organizations and individuals. Senior Games of Indiana paralleled somewhat the International Olympic Games. Around the year of 1993 the name changed and became Senior Games of Monroe and Owen Counties and today is know as Annual Senior Games.

Senior Games Today!
1st Priority: Have fun, laugh, and enjoy the comradery of other seniors.
Area 10 Endwright Center encourages individuals 50 plus years of age to participate regardless of your level of competitiveness. The activities and events of Senior Games are more about gathering together with individuals who enjoy playing: outdoor lawn games and or games requiring a little more physical stamina like golf, bowling, and “senior style” softball, volleyball and basketball. Remember playing euchre or table tennis? All participants sign up as individuals and events that require a team are paired up at the beginning of the game.

How to Get Involved!
32nd Annual Senior Games booklet will be available by August 1st, 2017. Come and pick one up or call and we’ll mail it to you. The registration material is included in the booklet.
Be A Volunteer! Senior Games is in need of volunteers to help with the lawn games at Karst and Flatwood Parks. We’ll give you the rules and train you on what to do. Volunteers are needed for late registrations the day of the events.

21 Lawn Dice: Object is to toss or roll dice into a 36” ring on the ground.
Bean Bag Toss: Object of game is to toss 12 bags into hole of game board. Participant may stand between 15 foot and 18 foot line.
Bocce: This is a team game where the object is to toss colored balls and get closest to the “pallina” which has been thrown out as a target. Points are awarded for closest ball and end of each playing frame.
Crockers: Equipment is a soccer ball and 5 large wickets. The game is a combination of croquet and soccer. Object is to kick ball around course of five wickets in the least number of kicks. Each kick equals one point. Player with lowest score wins.
Croquet: Object of game is to complete the course with the least number of strokes. Each time ball is struck with mallet counts as one point. A participant must complete the course in the prescribed manner as pointed out by coordinator. Low score wins.
Fling-a-Ring: Each player throws plastic rings trying to ring a pole 15 feet away. Five points for a ringer.
Football Toss for Accuracy: A player gets six throws (underhand or overhand) and you get one point if throw passes through the center of target. Men stand back 35 feet, women 25 feet
Football/Softball Distance Throw:. How far can you throw a football or softball? Any release is allowed.
Frisbee Golf:. Course of nine metal posts with flags. Each throw equals one point. Object is to have the lowest score. Once around!
Ladder Golf: Participants stand 15 feet from “ladder’ and toss 6 “bolas” twice. Bola wrapping or hanging from top horizontal bar=3 points, middle bar=2 points, lowest bar=1 point.
Softball Pitch for Accuracy: Object is to pitch a “strike” with no bounce at an 18” X 36” target. Women pitch from a distance of 25 feet. Men pitch from a distance of 35 feet.
Washers: Object of this game is to toss steel washers at a target area measuring 18 inches across with a 4-inch can placed in the center of the target. Women pitch a distance of fifteen feet. Men pitch from eighteen feet.

Anyone 50 years (or better!) from anywhere can play! For schedules and registration, please see the links below.


To register, Print the Sign Up List & Registration From above and return it to the Endwright Center, or you can call The Endwright Center at (812) 876-3383 Ext. 515 and request a registration booklet. Walk-in Registration is always welcome!

The games begin September 7th, so please register before that time.