Meet Ferne

Ferne stopped by the Endwright Center's Tech Day with questions about buying a new computer. Thanks to the advice she received from volunteer tech experts, Ferne felt confident. The next day, she completed her purchase at a nearby office store, and her new computer is now working nicely. She is planning to stop by the Endwright Center again for one-on-one computer tutoring as questions or concerns pop up. "The young man who helped me was so knowledgeable and helpful. He helped me decide exactly what I wanted, without pushing me one way or another. I owe him a debt of gratitude," says Ferne.

Meet Nick

"It was suggested to me after a grave illness last year that to allay my pangs of loneliness, I volunteer; and when I learned it could be with young children, I thought that might just be what I needed. What a gift it has been! I've always loved little kids, and having ten or twenty of them at once is totally different and absolutely magical. I know a thousand stories, songs and poems, and by gosh they like them all. They have favorites they ask for and I always oblige. Every time they call me "grandpa", it lifts my heart. It's like having a house full of beloved grandchildren all at their most beguiling age. Their gift to me is so much greater than any I could give them."

Meet Ginny

When the yard got out of hand recently, Ginny called Area 10 Agency on Aging to see if she could get some help. She found help, alright! She was included in the first annual Safe At Home program. Volunteers from IU Health and Area 10 arrived one Saturday to assess and her home for safety hazards.

“They were all smiles,” said Ginny. “I don’t care how bad things are, if someone smiles at me, it makes my day. Every one of them did a wonderful job, with a smile on their face. They didn't want anything in return. They just did their work quickly and moved on. They were so nice, and didn't make me feel like I was asking for a handout. It meant the world to me!"

Meet Gilbert

Gilbert, from Owen County, will be eternally thankful to RSVP volunteers and Area 10! Last summer, Gilbert suffered a stroke that landed him in the hospital. It was the hottest part of the summer when he was released back to his home. Without an air-conditioner, enough food, or transportation, and struggling to breathe in the heat, he laid in bed at night, wondering if he would make it or not.

He got connected with Area 10 and his life started improving. RSVP volunteers started bringing food. Others found an air conditioner for him. Still more started visiting, helped with his transportation, and even made the lap blanket pictured here! “They saved my life,” he says.

Meet Alice

Alice, aged 88, moved in with her daughter and was using a cane to steady herself even when walking around the house. She and her daughter had learned about the Endwright Center during a seminar for caregivers that was held at Sherwood Oaks Christian Church. In January they began exercising twice a week according to a plan devised by The Endwright Center's Fitness Specialist, and Alice began to see immediate results. After a few weeks, she stopped using her cane except for rough terrain. She continues to increase the intensity of her workouts on the NuStep and can use heavier free weights. Now that she has celebrated her 89th birthday, she is stronger than she was on her 88th birthday!