Area 10 Agency on Aging is January’s Bloomingfoods POSITIVE CHANGE recipient


“Positive Change” is a community-driven fundraising campaign that offers shoppers the opportunity to round their purchase to the nearest dollar, or donate more if they wish.

You don’t have to be a member to contribute. All purchases at all Bloomingfoods locations will allow you to round up your purchase. The amount rounded up is a direct donation to our agency. A true example of small contributions banded together to make a significant change!

Area 10 Agency on aging is able to be part of this fundraising opportunity with Bloomingfoods because of our shared mission to support a healthy community.

If you are checking out and the cashier does not ask you if you want to round up, please tell them you want to round up before you finish your transaction. And SPREAD THE WORD!!!

Bloomingfoods Locations

3220 E. 3rd St.
(812) 336-5400

316 W. Sixth St.
(812) 333-7312

200 Daniels Way, Room D109
(812) 822-0143

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