Heroes for the Homebound Food Drive


March 1-April 30

The Area 10 Food Pantry Program seeks to provide nutritional assistance to individuals by delivering groceries on a monthly basis. This is the only food pantry in Monroe & Owen counties that serves people who are homebound due to age or disability. Our aim is to assist those in need with access to wholesome foods and nutritional education so that they can better maintain an independent lifestyle.

Thank you for helping the 300 food pantry clients we serve each month, and being a superhero for the homebound!

Items Needed

Non-Perishable Proteins
Protein in particular is a crucial staple in most food banks and the non-perishable types ensure that when there’s an overstock, the extras won’t go bad. Cans of tuna, chicken and beans are consistently needed, as are jarred peanut and almond butter, and dried beans, all of which are great sources of protein.

Items such as low-sugar, high-fiber cereals, like oatmeal, have a long shelf life, plus add to the three meals a day in the breakfast category. Pasta products can be used to add to a meal when combined with vegetables or meats.

Fruits provide many vitamins and minerals. Canned fruits that are low in sugar, such as fruits canned in light syrup or water, contribute to a nutritionally balance meal and often have some of the fiber required in an average daily diet. Think of pineapple, mandarin oranges, cranberries, pears, peaches, fruit salad, cherries, and apricots. 100% fruit drinks in cans, plastic bottles or boxes are highly valued by our individuals receiving groceries.

A mixture of low-sodium canned vegetables are in high demand, with the exception of corn. Green beans, Beets, pork and beans, potatoes, peas, carrots, cabbage, sweet potatoes, and mixed vegetables are just a few ideas.

Protein Meal Replacement Drinks
Food banks almost always benefit from more complete meal drinks that provide a higher protein level, especially for diabetics (such as Ensure).
And don’t forget dried milk! As we are unable to provide fresh milk to individuals, dried milk is a great substitute.

Condiments and Spices
So you’ve donated all this canned tuna and chicken, but what are people supposed to mix it with? Items like mayonnaise are often forgotten when people are donating food, and the same can be said for other condiments like mustard and ketchup. Salt and pepper are also always appreciated.

Personal Hygiene Products
Even when people qualify for food stamps, they don’t normally cover necessities like toilet paper, toothpaste, shampoo and body soap, laundry soap or dish soap. For that reason, personal hygiene products are especially hard to come by and very much appreciated by food bank clients.

What Not to Donate
Boxed Cake/Brownie Mixes: preparing it often requires so many other ingredients, like oil, eggs and butter, that it’s just a not practical choice for food banks. Opened/Used/Expired Products: These items will be discarded.

How to Donate
Food donations may be dropped off at our office (631 W. Edgewood Dr., Ellettsville IN). If you are interested in providing financial support, click here.

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