Returning Home: Sharing the Lessons of Our Getaways


When: Thursday, September 27th, 6:00pm -7:30pm. Free Program. Speaker: Lee-Ann Assalone, MSW.
Lee-Ann did not know what to expect when she signed up for a social work internship in Cape Town, South Africa. Thinking she was going to learn skills to support refugee and migrant people, she set out for ten months in the most southern tip of Africa, in a country not even thirty years into democracy. What she learned changed her life and her perspectives on just about everything. A believer in the connection and healing in storytelling, she will share themes from her journey, and invite participants to do the same from their own travels. Travel in this case is any adventure that shifted your perspective on home, whether it came from a book, a visit to a neighboring church, town or state, or an overseas excursion. Come with an idea to share, or just to listen! Call the Endwright Center to register or for more information at 812-876-3383 Ext. 515.


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