Adult Guardianship Program

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Learn more about guardianships by watching the video "Adult Guardianship: What You Need to Know" and reviewing the fact sheet below.

Adult Guardianship Program

Guardianships are a useful legal tool to help people who lack the capacity to make decisions for themselves – such as those suffering from dementia or developmental disability. A guardian can help ensure that the protected person lives with security and dignity to the greatest extent possible given their circumstances.

VASIA Volunteers

VASIA (Volunteer Advocate for Seniors or Incapacitated Adults) volunteers are community members trained and overseen by the Guardianship Program Manager. Once trained, VASIA volunteers are appointed by a local judge to advocate for incapacitated adults unable to manage their own financial assets or personal affairs.

If you are interested in becoming a VASIA volunteer, or to submit an application, please click the link below.


For more information about any of these programs, please contact Bert Clemons, Guardianship Program Manager, at (812) 876-3383 ext. 599 or